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posted by The Committee to Elect Martha Robertson at 2013-10-01 14:10:00

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The nation's first federal government shutdown in 17 years is underway following a flurry of late-night legislative maneuvers that was ultimately akin to the Senate and House spinning their wheels in mud.

Not surprisingly, House candidates for 2014 were quick to seize on the shutdown news and the ongoing contretemps over paying for President Obama's health care law.

Democratic candidates Martha Robertson (who is seeking to challenge GOP Rep. Tom Reed) and Sean Eldridge (who formally launched his campaign to unseat Rep. Chris Gibson last month) spared little time in sending out statements right around midnight, when the shutdown went into effect.

"Congressman Tom Reed has lately been trying to run away from the ‘Tea Party’ label, but now he is showing his true colors with his full-throated support of the government shutdown," Robertson said in a statement emailed just before midnight, when a shutdown was apparent. "Four out of the six New York GOP members of Congress are openly critical of this extremist strategy. Even worse, Reed advocates a default on the debt ceiling in a few weeks, which would cause major damage to our economy while threatening delivery of Social Security checks, Medicare payments and Veterans benefits. Just like Tom Reed not paying his property taxes on time, he thinks it's OK for the Congress not to pay its bills either.”


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posted at: 2013-10-01 14:10:00, last updated: 2013-10-01 14:11:23